Rolex Noughties Time Capsules

Unworn, pristine, mint… these words are music to the collector’s ears.

Rolex Noughties Time Capsules

But as the watches get older, it is harder to achieve. These Rolex sports models were all bought in the 2000s and tucked away in a safe creating a series of perfect time-capsules.

Not everyone rejoiced when Rolex introduced the maxi-case and ceramic bezels. Some felt that there was a warmth to how the aluminium bezels aged and an elegance to the slimmer cases. The permanence of the ceramic colour and the durability of the material means that the watch shows less age. Great for practicality but not for fans of vintage, who prefer a little more charm, character and ‘Wabi Sabi’ in their watches.

Now there is an opportunity to begin again with watches that are both old and new. Never worn (except possibly for the purposes of this auction’s photoshoot), complete sets, and as pristine as it gets, without buying a time machine and heading for the Rolex factory circa 2005.

Grab these rarities while you have the chance.


The Yacht-Master was introduced in 1992 as a more opulent and upscale alternative to the Submariner. It’s characterised by a case more rounded and fluid than the slab-sided shape of other Rolex sports watches.


As one of the last generation of classically proportioned Submariners, the 40mm case echoes the heritage of vintage references but with modern construction, fit, and finish.


This 2004 watch is presented in mint, unworn condition with a factory protective sticker on the case back. It’s rare to find such examples in this condition and would suit a collector looking for a pristine example.


The reference 16610 represents the very last generation of classically proportioned pre-ceramic Submariners. Striking the perfect balance between traditional looks and modern build quality, the watch features a refined shape, unlike the squared lugs and oversize feel of modern Rolex sports watches.


Traditionally a sober-looking watch built for scientists and technicians, the Milgauss reference 116400GV reimagines the model in a more colourful and attention-grabbing aesthetic. Looking at the dial, the bright orange lightning bolt second hand is instantly recognisable and is a nod to the original Milgauss from the 1950s.