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Our watch collector interviews kick off with the founder of and YouTube Channels, and early vendor and bidder with Watch Collecting Damian Butt.

Damian Butt is the presenter and founder of, a YouTube channel launched during the first lockdown in the UK, and a sister channel to channel aims to tell the stories, explore the histories of the watches in Damian’s collection, and follow his watch collecting journey.

What was the very first watch that you owned?

I’m ashamed to say I don’t have a great watch history. There’s no story of a vintage Patek being passed down by my grandfather, or my father buying me a special one for my 21st. No, apart from a few throwaway digital models in the Eighties, and a Tag Heuer Kirium in the 90s, my first proper watch was one I treated myself to in 2008 – a Rolex Submariner, which as it turned out, was a Kermit.

Rolex Submariner 'Kermit'

How did you come by it?

Unlike today in those days, you could just walk into a dealer and buy a Submariner there and then. I had decided I wanted a black dial, black bezel Submariner – the absolutely classic Rolex, as my daily watch. I think I had just got a promotion at work, so I went into my local AD to pick one up.

Surprisingly, they didn’t have one, but they did have this black dial green bezel version, and did I want that? I ‘um’d and ah’d for a bit and finally said yes, but could they swap out the green bezel for a black one? Which they duly did (don’t worry watch fans – I kept the original green bezel too).

I wore that watch every day for the next 9 years and it was my prized possession - my first real watch – the one I would never sell.

Do you still have it? / Do you still wear it?

No, sadly, it was stolen from a locker in a spa on my birthday in 2018. I was furious! So, some thieving git now has a Submariner that looks like a regular one, but in fact, it’s a very special Kermit. Hopefully, if it ever goes in for service, I may get it back. I still have the box, papers, bezel, and of course, the serial number.

What is your favourite ever watch? / What is it that means so much to you?

Good question, and actually quite difficult to answer. I love my Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227G because it was my first Patek, and got me into a kind of trouble :) My first Nautilus 5711 is very special. My Andersen-Chaykin Joker automaton is a real show-stopper and one of only 20 in the world.

And then of course if we’re talking special watches, the Patek grand complication 5271p is right up there.

They are all part of collection. None of them are going anywhere.

Svend Andersen and Konstantin Chaykin Joker Automaton

Money and availability no object – what watch would you cash it all in for? Your one-watch collection?

This would be a straight-up tie between Sylvester Stallone’s solid gold black dial Tiffany Submariner, or the Patek Nautilus 40th Anniversary.

Sylvester Stallone’s Solid Gold Black Dial Tiffany Submariner and Patek Nautilus 40th Anniversary.

Our thanks to Damian Butt for sharing his collecting journey.His YouTube Channels can be found here:

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